I offer the following therapies:

  1. Kinesiology
  2. Nutrition
  3. Allergy Testing
  4. Sound Healing/Soma EnergeticsTM
  5. Emotional Wellbeing Therapies
    1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    2. Bach Flowers
    3. Aromatherapy Kinesiology
    4. Love & Self-empowerment Therapy
    5. Access Consciousness
    6. Integrative
  6. Light Grids Healing
  7. Integrative Healing

The core ethic behind everything I do is loving help and empowerment of my clients, allowing them to become aware of how powerful they are and how easily they can influence their own well-being! My facilitation is geared towards clients’ higher consciousness and awareness and, at the same time, their willingness to reconnect with who they truly are within.

Just ask yourself: what would it be like to get personalised help to rebalance and re-align you to your inner health compass, so you can access your inner healing within? :)

Please explore the therapies above for more information and if you would like me to help you — contact me through email or mobile at kamilla.therapy@gmail.com and 086 383 6263.

With Love and Wishes of Radiant health,